Black Beauty Handbags

These exquisite bags are designed to complement the wardrobe of the sophisticated woman.  Designed by a premiere world-class artist, the bags incorporate the interwoven story of a people that have overcome the harshest challenges and, yet, continue to rise.  The design stems from the Ghanian Kente Cloth fabric which represents national cultural identity.

The Black Beauty collection are all handmade of plant-based materials and will be available in limited supply.   They will be available in July 2020.

                                                                                                                        Please return for updates!


In June 2003, proud parents DeVaughn and Lerma Edwards welcomed their first child, a beautiful daughter named Faith Laurese Edwards.  In December 2004, Laurese NY handbags w became one of few African-American owned handbag brands.  Laurese NY instantly became a hot item after being selected to participate in the Billboard Music Awards by providing handbags as part of the swag awarded to celebrity attendees.  As the  Edwards family increased, the brand was placed on a hiatus.  But now, as if rising from the ashes like a Phoenix, the brand is re-launching.

Paying tribute to the generations of their African ancestors, Laurese NY will soon introduce the Black Beauty collection!  This collection is inspired by Ghanian Kente cloth and each is handmade using only natural plant-based material.

It’s History…It’s Culture… It’s Fashion…It’s Majestic…It’s Art….IT’S OURS                 (COMING IN MID-JULY 2020)

Laurese NY


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